FREDCON Cosplay Rules

1) FREDCON is a family-friendly convention. Please use common sense, be considerate of other attendees and be aware of your surroundings.
2) Cover your body parts. “No costume” is not a costume. “Paint” and/or “pasties” are not a costume, either. No intentional or unintentional “wardrobe malfunctions” allowed. Please make sure your costume is sturdily constructed; this includes proper undergarments. If your costume is deemed to be too revealing or offensive, you will be asked to cover up or change.
3) Protective footwear is required.
4) All military, law enforcement and other emergency service costumes should be easily distinguishable from official uniforms.
5) Hate symbols, even historical hate symbols like swastikas, will not be tolerated at FREDCON.
6) Roller blades, roller skates and skateboards will not be allowed in the Spotsylvania Towne Centre.
7) Please, no signs offering services or making requests to be hugged or touched. We want everyone to feel comfortable.
8) No Weapons. Lightsabers are okay.
9) Masks are not permitted

§ 18.2-422. Prohibition of wearing of masks in certain places; exceptions.
It shall be unlawful for any person over 16 years of age to, with the intent to conceal his identity, wear any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public place, or upon any private property in this Commonwealth without first having obtained from the owner or tenant thereof consent to do so in writing. However, the provisions of this section shall not apply to persons (i) wearing traditional holiday costumes; (ii) engaged in professions, trades, employment or other activities and wearing protective masks which are deemed necessary for the physical safety of the wearer or other persons; (iii) engaged in any bona fide theatrical production or masquerade ball; or (iv) wearing a mask, hood or other device for bona fide medical reasons upon (a) the advice of a licensed physician or osteopath and carrying on his person an affidavit from the physician or osteopath specifying the medical necessity for wearing the device and the date on which the wearing of the device will no longer be necessary and providing a brief description of the device, or (b) the declaration of a disaster or state of emergency by the Governor in response to a public health emergency where the emergency declaration expressly waives this section, defines the mask appropriate for the emergency, and provides for the duration of the waiver. The violation of any provisions of this section is a Class 6 felony.

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